Planetary Analogues Town Hall Meeting

An Analogues Town Hall is planned for Tuesday, 9 September from 9:00 to 12:30 in the Mars Room. A similar Town Hall was held at the 2013 Lunar and Planetary Sciences Conference. This Town Hall is intended for members of the analogues community - principal investigators, scientists, engineers, mission managers - who wish to discuss recent analogue activities over the past five years on a global scale, and propose new concepts for research projects and missions in support of future Solar System exploration. The Town Hall will provide a forum for discussion between the participants and invited speakers regarding recent and ongoing activities conducted by the speaker's home space agency. These include but are not restricted to: space exploration analog project goals, results, and lessons learned; how analog project results are communicated; how analog missions could be expanded in future to more closely match space missions; and how all these activities could become more visible to the global space exploration community.

This Town Hall is being convened by: Dean Eppler (NASA Johnson Space Center), Stephen Hoffman (Science Applications International Corporation), Gian Gabriele Ori (International Research School of Planetary Sciences), Nicole Schmitz (German Aerospace Center Institute for Planetary Research), and Marie-Claude Williamson (Geological Survey of Canada).